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Blemished Hot Tubs – Save Hundreds

Price-conscious buyers know that they can get the display model of a product for much less than brand new right out of the box. Better yet if that product is scratched or has any visible defects, the price plunges even lower. You’ll hear this money-saving tactic when buying TVs, but what about hot tubs and spas? The same principal applies!

In our industry, we call them blemished hot tubs / spas.

Blemished Hot tubs / spas are sold for significantly less than retail value. These hot tubs become available when someone returns their hot tub from a big box store online purchse.  Blemished units are also acquired if there is any amount of damage incurred during shipping – no matter how small the damage. Some hot tubs get returned due to seemingly small issues such as discoloration of the shell. The hot tub is then sent back to the manufacturer for inspection. Manufacturers take their reputation seriously, so they want to verify that the hot tub was not returned due to functionality problems. If any cracks are found, they are repaired thoroughly and covered up so that you’d never know it happened. Once it is confirmed that the hot tub is in working order, it is then shipped to us a certified reseller to be sold as a “blemished hot tub / spa.”

We love blemished spas because it gives Clearwater Pool & Spa, Inc. the opportunity to pass down huge savings to the customer. Many people would rather save hundreds of dollars with a blemished unit than pay full price for practically the exact same product.

So what’s the catch?

Unfortunately, there is a limited supply of these discounted hot tubs. Clearwater Pool & Spa has a unique relationship and exclusive contracts with certain hot tub manufacturers and it is because of this that we have a decent sized inventory of blemished hot tubs. We don’t have a huge selection of blemished hot tubs, but you’ll find a better selection here than in most places. Checking back with us consistently is another great way to find blemished units right as they go on sale.

If you’d like to talk about buying or have more questions about blemished hot tubs, call Clearwater today at 931-728-6414. If you are ready to shop – see our Blemished Spas for sale.
Are you ready to save big on a blemished hot tub? Browse our rapidly-changing inventory of Blemished Spas!