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In-Ground Pools

We Build the Toughest In-Ground Pool Structure in the Industry!

Are you looking for a way to relax on those hot and humid summer days in Tennessee? Fall back in love with the season by installing a concrete in-ground pool from Clearwater Pool & Spa Inc., located in Manchester TN.

Concrete in-ground pools are built to last and allow you to create the swimming pool of your dreams. Some benefits to choosing a concrete in-ground pool with Clearwater Pool & Spa Inc. include:

  • A rectangular shape with swim-outs, benches, and tanning ledges to choose from.
  • A salt friendly and rust-free design from our concrete walls.
  • Decorative and stylistic choices for your pool (travertine tile, concrete, or paver coping on your pool’s bond beam).

We also offer a wide selection of Polymer In-Ground Pool shapes and sizes!

Polymer is a strong, non-corrosive, and lightweight resin material that is commonly used to build in ground pools. These pools are made from flexible polymer panels, allowing people who choose this material to build a unique place to swim. The possibilities of the polymer allow for creative swimming pools that fit diverse lifestyles, aesthetics and landscapes. Polymer pools are a great option for those looking to create a pool with very little limitations when it comes to sizing, shape, and depth.

A polymer in-ground pool will allow you to create the pool of your dreams. The benefits of a Polymer pool from Clearwater Pool & Spa Inc. include:

  • Free form shapes
  • Polymer walls with a rust-free design
  • Your choice of a traditional or nontraditional pool shape

Outfit Your Pool with the Best Operational Equipment Available!

Clearwater Pool & Spa Inc. is a Hayward Select Builder.
Every pool built by us receives an exclusive 3-year warranty on Hayward equipment.

We are a fully licensed and insured contractor.

Why We Should Build Your Next Pool

At Clearwater Pool & Spa Inc., we have a first-rate team of pool builders who have the proper knowledge and training to install a pool in both a safe and efficient manner. We use the latest construction equipment technology and the highest quality materials when providing people with their new concrete vinyl liner in-ground pools.

We strive to make the pool installation process as easy as possible, so we’re willing to go the extra mile for you. Clearwater Pool & Spa Inc. will obtain all of the necessary permits you’ll need and we guarantee that our work will meet and exceed all Tennessee safety standards for pools. We do the work ourselves with little to no use of subcontractors, which is another way we can provide you with peace of mind. After the initial installation, we have a full team of technicians to care for you and your pool. We can keep your new pool in top condition for years to come.


Don’t let the summer heat get you down. Start the conversation about your new concrete in-ground pool today!

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