Choosing A Pool Service Company

Choosing A Pool Service Company

There are many different swimming pool companies. They can range from a person working out of their home to a multi-million dollar corporation. With so many choices, how do you choose which is right for your pool?

1: Services Provided

[three_fourth]The first choice is what services will be provided? There are many factors to consider here. Factors such as pool usage, site specific challenges, pool mechanical equipment and your geographic location all play a role.

A typical maintenance visit should consist of emptying baskets, skimming the surface, brushing the walls and floor, balancing chemicals, servicing automated cleaners, as well as vacuuming and cleaning filters as needed.

The technician should document what was done during the visit. This not only gives you piece of mind that services are being performed, but this documentation is sometimes required when filing certain warranty claims for your equipment.[/three_fourth]

2: Experience

Pool technicians are chemists, plumbers, electricians and much more. They are required to locate and resolve issues, even if you didn’t know you had one. Training and experience are critical in proper pool maintenance.

Most industries deal with a specific trade. Pool maintenance requires knowledge of many trades. As such, new employees are generally selected because of their knowledge and trained to fit their new role.

Not every tech needs to know every aspect of pool repair. They do however need to be able to recognize that there is an issue. Does this prospective company have the experience and resources to deal with your current and future needs?

3: Costs

What is actually included in your service call? Some companies provide chemical only service. Others provide an all-inclusive service with cleaning, servicing and chemicals. Obviously there will be charges for repairs completed, but are there additional charges for specific chemicals, fuel, etc.?


4: Licensing

Licensing requirements can vary by state and even local ordinances. General maintenance and repairs can often times be completed with just a basic business license that in many cases does not even require proof of proficiency. Major repairs can require a contractor’s license. This all reverts back to is this this company qualified to service your needs?


5: Relationships

What is the goal of the prospective company? Do they simply want a quick sale, or do they want to establish a long term relationship?

Anyone can run out to a big box store to buy a bag of shock. Does that big box store have a trained staff that knows what type of shock is best for your pool? Do they know your current and future needs? Each pool has its’ own specific requirements to keep it clean and safe.

6: Realistic Expectations of Service

Even the best pool service companies need some assistance. Wind, rain, seasonal changes, landscape issues, etc. all have a direct connection with the condition of your pool. If a tech is only scheduled to be there every other week, a lot of negative things have the possibility of occurring. You may need to add/drain water, empty baskets or remove debris. Sometimes you may need to add some chemicals as directed.

Make sure that you understand what is and is not included in your maintenance contract. Most companies will go above and beyond what they are obligated to do. Just because they do does not mean that you should demand more of them. Discuss areas of concern and listen to their response. Maybe more is needed of them. Maybe more is needed of you. Most companies will accommodate your needs, although sometimes it may mean a change in the contract terms.

The 3 “C”s

Here at Clearwater Pool & Spa, Inc. we have adopted a policy that we termed the 3 “C”s of service.


1: Concierge Service – Anyone can give basic pool service. We want to provide for all of your swimming pool needs. Our attempt is to give you maximum enjoyment of your pool with minimal effort on your part. A “customer hands off” type experience that caters to your specific needs.



2: Continuity of Service – Every effort is made to have the same tech providing service at your home. This way the tech is able to efficiently provide the services that you require. They learn the ins and outs of your system and are better in tune with your personal requirements.


3: Contact – Prior to servicing your pool, we contact you through your communication preference (phone, text, email). Once service is performed, we will notify you of what was done. This is accomplished by either personal contact, door hanger or other means specified by you. We also encourage you to contact us should a situation arise that might need attention prior to your next scheduled visit.
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