BioGuard Balance Pak 300


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Product Description

BioGuard Balance Pak 300 is a calcium hardness increaser. This product boosts calcium hardness to help prevent equipment corrosion, etching of plaster and wrinkling of liners. It has a unique palletized formulation which means faster dissolving and less cloudiness. Low calcium hardness can cause staining, etching, or distorting of the pool’s finish. Plaster etched by low calcium hardness will become abrasive and uncomfortable for swimmers. Rough plaster also increases algae problems and makes cleaning more difficult. It is important to keep your pool water balanced in order to get the most effective use out of your chemicals.

Product Dosage

1 lb per 10,000 will raise calcium hardness 10 ppm.


Calcium Hardness in pool water should be maintained in the 175-275 ppm range. Never allow calcium hardness to remain below 100 ppm. Add this product directly to pool water by scattering it over the water surface. Do not predissolve this treatment as heat is generated when this product contacts water. Use surface compatible brush to brush away undissolved granules off pool surface. The addition of 4 lbs. of this product per 10,000 gallons of water will raise calcium hardness approximately 40 ppm. The addition of 10 lbs. of this product per 10,000 gallons of water will raise calcium hardness appoximately 100 ppm.


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