Dream Maker Spas Review

Dream Maker Spas Review

Dream Maker Spas is one of the premier manufacturers of rotationally molded spas in the world. Since they introduced the rotational molding type of manufacturing to the spa industry in 1997, Dream Maker Spas has remained at the front of the pack on market leaders and innovators. Based in Lake Mary, Florida, they employ a staff of both engineering experts and industry specialists to see that each spa they produce meets their own rigorous quality control standards.

Dream Maker Spas offer four models of spas, each made of high density, rotationally molded polyethylene that is guaranteed not to crack, peel, split, rot or rust. These models are called the Dream Maker Fantasy, the Dream Maker EZ, the Dream Maker Big EZ and the Dream Maker Odyssey. All four models come standard with industry leading and innovative features that ensure ease of use and maximum comfort with minimal effort. 

Maximum Comfort

Dream Makers Spas has left no stone unturned when it comes to comfort. Starting with their “Smart Flow” massage jets that allow for a more comfortable and even flow of water. These patented stainless steel jets eliminate harsh, forceful water flow by allowing natural resistance to redirect the water through the 360-degree perimeter ports instead of forcing all water through the main central port. In addition, the “Comfort Back Water Stream” built into the molded seats of the spa provides an even distribution of flowing water to your entire back and spine, not just the portion of your back the jets initially contact. This system of contours built into each seat means that no portion of the back is robbed of the pleasant massaging stream.

Minimal Effort

Operating a Dream Makers Spa is an equally pleasant experience. Don’t bother with plumbers or electricians; these spas are simply filled with a hose and plugged into a standard three-prong outlet. The Digital Balboa Control system allows for simple, digital adjustments to both the temperature and flow of the water. Once it’s up and running, the spa will efficiently retain heat with the Quad Energy System, which uses separately bagged insulation panels that will not absorb moisture to keep the heat inside the spa where it belongs. The expert engineering behind the spas allows for any “free heat” outside the spa to be captured and circulated throughout the inside of the spa. The Easy Clean filter cartridge is supremely easy to remove, clean and replace, and the Works In a Drawer keeps all pump components conveniently stored behind a pleasant cabinet panel for easy maintenance and inspection.

Dream Maker Spas has put years of innovation and engineering into their exceptional line of spas. If you have any questions or want to learn more about how a Dream Maker Spa can be a part of your life, contact Clearwater Pool and Spa today!

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