Vinyl Pool Liner – When Is Replacement Necessary?

Vinyl Pool Liner – When Is Replacement Necessary?

While it will never last forever, a vinyl pool liner can protect your pool for a long time with proper maintenance and care.

When you decide to go with a vinyl pool liner it is important to understand that you will definitely need to replace it, however. While some suppliers will lead you to believe that a vinyl pool liner can last up to 50 years, the truth is that 8-12 years is a much more feasible goal.

Weather, chemicals and general use all contribute to wear and tear on pool liner. Replacing a pool liner is expensive and time consuming, so make sure you know what signs to look for before making the decision to repair or replace.


One of the most obvious signs that a pool liner is in need of attention is a crack in the liner.

Severe cracks in the liner can lead to leaks and allow water to take up the space between the liner and the pool wall. The more cracks you find, the more likely that this will happen.

You can check for obvious cracks by taking a walk around your pool and visually inspecting the liner. Some cracks, however, can be too small to detect with the naked eye, so monitor your water levels regularly and take not of drastic changes.


Typically, years of sunlight and chemical use will result in a small amount of fading around your pool liner. More severe cases, like algae and rust stains, are clear indicators of deterioration.

Advancements in materials and manufacturing have increased vinyl pool liners’ resistance to stains and fading, but they will give in eventually. Over time, faded areas will become weak and brittle which will in turn lead to cracks and leaks.

One way to protect your pool from fading is to use a cover when you will not be using your pool for a period of time. This reduces the amount of sunlight beating down on your vinyl pool liner and potentially helping it last longer.

Stretching and Wrinkles

By its nature, vinyl will stretch out over time. They will lose their elasticity and become susceptible to stretching and loosening.

When you see your liner begin to sag in certain areas you know that there is some stretching happening. You will also notice wrinkles throughout the liner, which is a result of the liner bead getting out of the track.

There is no way to repair a stretched vinyl pool liner so it must be replaced.

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