Getting Your Hot Tub Ready for Spa Season

Getting Your Hot Tub Ready for Spa Season

Fall is upon us and cooler weather usually means hot tub season! If you are like some people you either drained your spa or just left the water in it and let it sit all summer. If that is you, we have some great tips for getting your spa ready for the winter. However, if you still use your spa during the summer and it is just time for routine maintenance, this will help you too!

spa purge

1. Clean it – for this step you will want to clean both the inside and outside of the spa. For the outside a simple hose down with your water hose will suffice. For the inside you will need to start with the plumbing lines throughout the spa. We recommend “Spa Purge” for this job. All you will need to do is take out your filter, add the cleaner, let it circulate for 24 hours and then drain it. After the lines are clean it is time to clean the inside of your shell. Make sure to use a non-abrasive cleaner. If you don’t want to go buy a special cleaner a couple drops of dish soap and water will work fine. Just make sure to rinse very well or you will wind up with a bubble bath.


2. Fill it up – When filling your spa put your hose in the filter core area to fill the spa up through the plumbing lines first. This will ensure that the motor is not dry started, causing problems that you don’t need or want.


3. Check filter – if it has been longer than a year since you replaced your filter go ahead and replace it with a new filter. If your filter is relatively new use a good filter cleaner and clean it prior to putting it back in the spa.


4. Add chemicals – After your spa has reached 90 degrees add your sanitizer, most people use bromine or chlorine. After the spa has ran for 24 hours with spa chemicals in it recheck all your levels and adjust as needed. If you have a local pool and / or spa store take a water sample to them to test and they can tell you exactly what and how much of each chemical you need.


5. Enjoy – This is the easiest part!!


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