Hot Tub Jets – Is More Really Better?

Hot Tub Jets – Is More Really Better?

You’re looking for a new hot tub and there are so many choices!! Not only do you have to decide how big you want it and what color you want, but you also have to decide if you want lights and waterfalls or just the basic bowl with hot water in it. No matter what you decide for all of those options, one of the most important choices, other than price, will be how many jets you want.


Is more really better?

Not necessarily. A seat with 30 jets looks nice, but a seat with 3 jets across your shoulder blades and 2 jets sweeping and massaging up and down your back will be far more effective than the 25 stationary jets. What you need to really consider is why you are buying the hot tub. Are you buying it to impress your friends with how fancy it is? Or are you buying it so that you can relax after a long, hard day at work? If the latter is the answer, go with a spa that has jets strategically placed to massage your problem areas. If you have tendonitis from sitting at a desk typing on a computer all day, wrist jets will be more beneficial than 6 jets on each calf. If you are on your feet all day, a lounger with jets on your calves and feet will be more beneficial than a seat with 20 jets on your back.


Quality or Quantity?

Another thing to consider about a large number of jets is how much pressure is being put out from each jet. For example, if a spa has (1) 5 horse power pump and 96 jets, you are going to get very little pressure from each of the jets. Where if you have the same pump in a spa with 20, well-placed jets, you will get much more pressure out of the jets; providing you with a better massage. While you are looking at the number of jets, you also need to look at the type of jets. Are they stationary? Do they spin? Do they sweep? It is more practical to have fewer, quality jets that are doing what you need them to do instead of a large number that are simply hitting you in the same spot the entire time.


What if I just want a tub with hot water to soak in?

Then save your money! Don’t spend $15,000 – 20,000 on a hot tub with lights, Bluetooth, waterfalls, and 107 jets. There are spas out there that are in the $1,500 – 3,000 range that will serve you marvelously! They will probably have around 12-20 jets but they should be strategically placed so if you did want the massage then you can have it.

One thing to keep in mind while on your spa search is to not let yourself get overwhelmed. Go at your own pace. Don’t let a sales person rush you from spa to spa and spend 30 mins on one that is 4 times your budget with features that, at the core, you really don’t need. Do you own research. Don’t rely on what you are told in the showroom. Research the brands. Research the warranties. Read the reviews. Set your budget, list out your needs, and make a smart purchase that you will enjoy for years to come.

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