The Comprehensive Hot Tub Setup Guide

The Comprehensive Hot Tub Setup Guide

The Comprehensive Hot Tub Setup Guide


Choosing a Location For Your Spa

Preparing for your hot tub can be simple! Our standard spas plug into a 120V / 15 AMP dedicated electrical outlet. Our hot tubs weigh much less than heavier, traditional acrylic spas, which allows for more flexibility when choosing a location.

Start by determining the following things:

Identify the power source

Each spa is pre-wired with a 12-foot electrical chord that is complete with a GFCI plug for safety. Plan your spa location convenient to the 120V / 15 AMP dedicated electrical outlet that you intend to use. Be sure to maintain at least 5 feet from your electrical outlet. Do not use an extension chord to power your spa.


Choose a level surface

Your foundation can be concrete, brick, pavement, wood decking or any standard surface that is level, as to not cause uneven loading due to an uneven surface. Be sure your surface can support 75 square pounds per foot.  Do not select a site that will shift unevenly and cause damage to your spa’s structure.


Choose a safe location

Avoid locations that place your spa directly above or below electrical wire, indoors or out. Be sure to childproof your spa. Plan for limiting access to children. Be sure the area is large enough for the spa size you chose with room for access to the side panel door for maintenance and draining as needed. Also allow access on all sides to be able to attach the safety seal cover latches when not in use.


Determine your pathway

Based on the size of the model you purchased, you will need to determine the best pathway you will take to place it into its new location. Review the dimensions of the model you purchased to be sure that it can easily be moved into the location without damaging the spa or the surroundings.

These 4 easy steps will help you being to enjoy the experience of spa ownership before its even arrived!


Delivery of Your New Spa!

Arrival of your new spa can be an exciting day! Understanding the steps to take when your spa arrives will help you be better prepared and get your closer to spa enjoyment!

Know Your Delivery Date and Times

Confirm with your dealer or transportation company the date and timeframe that your spa is scheduled for delivery. Plan to be available for that delivery to avoid unintended charges for return delivery. If your new spa is being delivered by common carrier, be sure your street can accommodate a transport truck up to 65 feet.


Be Prepared for Delivery

Unless you have made special arrangements, your spa will be delivered by common carrier to the street curb of the location you provided on your order. Be prepared to move your spa from the street to your desired location. Two adults can typically handle any model with the use of a dolly, hand truck or transport sled. Additional assistance may be advisable in areas where there are inclines, steps or uneven surfaces.


Inspect your spa

Most spas are shipped direct from the factory, which means less handling during transit and reduced opportunity for damage. However, we recommend examining your spa while your driver is still at the point of delivery so any noticeable signs of wear can be noted on the delivery receipt. Minor rips, tears, or package creases will typically not damage the durable unibody shell. Make note of any signs of visual damage on the delivery receipt provided by the driver. If severe damage is visible evident, do not accept delivery. If possible, leave the packaging on the spa until you have it placed in its final location. This will help protect the spa from any scuffs or scratches during moving. It is your responsibility to unpack and dispose of any packaging material.


Unpacking Your Spa

Unpacking your spa is an exciting moment because it puts your one step closer to spa enjoyment!

If possible, leave the delivery packaging on your spa until you have moved it to its final location. Have a predetermined route to the final location and know the measurements to the entry ways to confirm it will fit. Depending on the model you purchased, your spa will come in a box or wrapped in plastic on a pallet along with your spa cover. If you have order additional items such as steps, audio systems, or water solutions, they may be packaged inside your spa. Use assistance with unpacking your spa. Have a second adult assist by holding the spa stable while unpacking the spa in either a vertical or horizontal position. Be sure not to drop the hot tub when lowering it from the vertical position.


Avoiding damage to your spa

To avoid damage to your spa, do not cut into the packing material with a knife or blade. Instead, use durable sharp scissors.

Removing the packaging.

While a second adult is holding the spa stable, begin by using a pair of strong scissors to remove the outer plastic wrap used to hold the spa and spa cover box together for shipping. Then use the scissors to cut the plastic banding to release the spa from the pallet for spas that are wrapped. Before lowering the spa, cut through the plastic zip band holding the GFCI electrical plug in position during shipping. Remove the remaining plastic wrap while still in the vertical position, or lower the spa into the proper upright position to remove the remaining white plastic wrapping.

Visual Inspection

Make a visual inspection of your Spa, spa cover and any additional items included in your purchase for any damage that may have been caused during shipping. If you notice any damage to your spa, do not use it. Call the factory service number immediately and report the damage. 1-888-329-4847. Record your serial number and spa information located on the black plate attached to the base of the spa near the cord. You will need this information for convenient online warranty registration.



Setting up Your Spa

You are almost there, but do not fill your spa or plug it in yet. Follow these important steps for setting up your spa.

CAUTION: Never plug in your spa into an electrical outlet before it is in position and filled with water.


Positioning your Spa

Position your spa so you will have access to the service panel for startup and future maintenance. Allow adequate space to attach the spa cover safety latches when not in use


Fill Your Spa with water

Before you begin filling your spa, open the side service panel by removing the screws that hold it into place. Find the drain valve at the bottom of the surface area and confirm the valve is in the off position. Then begin to fill the spa with water by placing the end of your hose into the filter area.


Determine your water level

Fill your spa so the water level is approximately 1-2 inches above the top of the upper water jets in your spa. Remember that the water level will rise when people enter the spa.


Plug in Your Spa

Once your spa is filled to the proper water level, plug your spa into the dedicated electrical outlet. Your spa will automatically begin to perform a self-diagnostic test, showing a series of numbers followed by letters in the digital display. Consult your owners manual for detailed overview of the functionality of the control system.


Place service panel back

Once you have confirmed the drain valve is closed properly, place the service panel back into positon and fasten the screws. Your spa is now operating under the automatic default setup programming and will begin to allow the water temperature to a programmed 100 degrees.

Congratulations! Your spa is ready to use!

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