Why Choose Clearwater for an AquaRest Spa?

Why Choose Clearwater for an AquaRest Spa?

Why choose Clearwater pools and spas for your Aquarest Spa?

Clearwater Pool and Spa is here to provide you with a relaxing AquaRest spa at an affordable price. On top of that, we will walk you through the installation of your spa as well as any questions you have.

When you are shopping around for a spa provider, you want speed, expertise, and trust. Clearwater Pool and can supply all that and more.


Our team is highly trained and certified in all things AquaRest. From installation to maintenance, we will gladly lend our expertise at every step of the process.


We have separated ourselves from the competition by offering curbside delivery to 48 states. Our AquaRest spas ship to you in days, not weeks.


Our AquaRest spas are backed by a warranty, so you can rest assured that any issues with your spa will be taken care of.

What We Offer

Clearwater Pool and Spa is a certified seller of refurbished AquaRest spas.

We sell blemished spas, and actually have a national contract for blemished spas. So what is a blemished spa and how does it affect you?

A blemished spa is a factory returned spa. This means that someone purchased it from a certified online retailer and then returned the spa within their allotted amount of time. The spa is then inspected by factory technicians and tested to make sure there are no malfunctions and the spa is in perfect working order. It would then be sold to us as a factory reconditioned, or “blemished,” spa.

Another way we received these spas is when the manufacturing process produces a cosmetic imperfection. We have seen hundreds of these units and there is no difference in the functionality of a “blemished” unit and one considered fit for sale from the manufacturer.

Under normal operating conditions, you will not notice any difference between one of our blemished spas and brand new one. They will perform identically as well; all the components are tested to ensure they function properly. A blemished spa offers less of a warranty because you are buying it at a drastically reduced price. So if you are a price-conscious buyer and you would like to save some money, or maybe you’d like to upgrade your model and get a little bit more for your money, then a blemished spa might be the way to go.

All of our spas come with:

Money-back Guarantee – From the day you receive your spa you have 30 days to return it for a full refund, less the transportation costs.

Warranty – 1 year for parts, 90 days for labor, and 5 years on the shell and cabinet.

Cover – An integral accessory to your spa, a cover will help keep your energy bill reasonable.

LED Light – A colorful LED light adds style and a unique touch to your spa.

At Clearwater Pool and Spa, we focus on relationships.

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