Hot Tub Maintenance Tips – How to Care For Your Spa

Hot Tub Maintenance Tips – How to Care For Your Spa

One of the more surprising aspects of owning a hot tub is maintenance. While it might seem like a tall order to fill to keep a hot tub or spa in proper working order, but the truth is that hot tub maintenance is quite simple.

One good way to stay on track with hot tub care is to organize each duty into a weekly, monthly, or yearly category so you can use your time as efficiently as possible.


You should set aside a few minutes each week for these tasks:

Chlorine Addition

A chlorine shock once a week is necessary even the hot tub wasn’t used by anyone. Use the recommended measurements based on your specific hot tub. Always shock your hot tub at night right before bed, when it is unlikely that anyone will use the hot tub for eight hours.

Monitor pH Level

A day after you shock your hot tub you should check the pH level of the water in your hot tub. Make any necessary changes or adjustments until you get a reading of approximately 7.6.


All it takes is once a month for these responsibilities:

Clean the Filters

With the hot tub unplugged, remove and run a hose over the filters (use a high-pressure attachment if you have one). Use a special cleaner on the filter cartridges, allow them to dry, and then hose them down. After they have dried again, reinstall the filters and cartridges and power the hot tub back on.

Monitor Alkalinity

Make sure your alkaline levels are in the appropriate range and make any adjustments if necessary. Remember, you want to see readings between 120 – 180 ppm.


Make sure you take some time and see to these duties just once a year:

Treat the Wood

Reseal your hot tub’s wooden skirt once a year. Ask your local wood sealer professional which type of sealant would be best for your hot tub. This will prolong the life of your hot tub and protect the wood skirt from water damage.

Deep Clean Filters

If your hot tub experiences heavy use, you will want to deep clean your filters once a year to refresh them and keep your water as clean as possible. Regular cleaning each month will certainly help keep the water clean, but a thorough cleaning once a year will help extend the life of your filter and filter cartridges even further. Soaking the filters and cartridges in a powerful cleaner will save you money in the long run by reducing the number of times they will need to be replaced.

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